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Industrial Robot - KK Series

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

The HIWIN industrial robot module utilizes professional standard manufacturing technology over the years, with the ball screw and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by ourselves, it’s applicable to all types of automation equipment due to its features of easy installation, small size, high-precision and various specifications.

1. Complete selection of modules and accessories for most applications.
(1) Driven Type: ballscrew, toothed belt
(2) AC motor output: 30W~750W servo motor or step motor
(3) Motor connection type (depends on available space): direct, bottom, internal, left, right
(4) Max stroke: 100mm~2000mm
2. Easy installation and maintenance.
3. Customized designs available for different applications.
4. Easy transformation into a multi-axis robot.

KA single axis robots can be used in a wide range of applications. The following are examples of applicable systems: Automatic soldering system, screw feeding machine, adhesive laminating machine, CCD lens shifting, automatic paint spray machine, cutting machine, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, assembly equipment, press machine, spot welding machine, surface processing automation, self adhesive labeling machine, packaging machine, marking press machine, conveying equipment, and more.

System Components
Industrial Robot components include a motor, drive, and upper controller.  Our customers may choose from HIWIN's selection of excellent servo motors, stepping motors, and drives.

HIWIN Industrial Robot - KK Series
HIWIN KK industrial robot modularizes both ballscrew and guideway to achieve better performance on accuracy, stiffness, rapid installation, and space saving.
With the block of KK driven by ballscrew and sliding on the optimized U-rail, greater stiffness and high accuracy are therefore performed.

1. An integrated system
2. Easy installation and maintenance
3. Compact and lightweight
4. High accuracy 
5. High stiffness 
6. Complete selection of accessories for most applications.

The KK industrial robot integrating ballscrew and guideways becomes a modularized product.  The modularized design can help customers saving time; cost and system inspection; therefore, installation efficiency and space-saving are also promoted.

Equivalent Load
Gothic arch contact design sustains load from all direction and offers high rigidity and accuracy.

High Stiffness
By U-shaped cross-section and analysis with software of finite element method, volume and rigidity are made balanced; therefore, rail for high rigidity, compact design and light weight are also accomplished simultaneously.

Various Specifications
KK industrial robots of various specifications are developed, providing customers with choices in different space and loading conditions.

Accessories of KK industrial robot are also supported for specific demands, such as alluminum cover, bellows, motor adaptor flange and limit switch. 
1. Alluminum cover and bellow: contamination protection.
2. Motor adaptor flange: connection for different types of motors.
3. Limit switch: starting point, positioning and other safety matters.

Insufficient lubricating of guideway would lead to reduction of service life. The lubricant provides functions including:
1. Reducing rolling friction and avoiding abrasion
2. Providing lubricating film and extending service life
3. Anti-rusting

Lubricating Grease
Re-lubricating KK industrial robot for every 100 km is recommened.  Generally, lubricating grease is applied for speed under 60 m/min. For operating speed over 60 m/min, grease with higher viscosity could be used.