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    Key Features

    The HIWIN industrial robot module utilizes professional standard manufacturing technology over the years, with the ball screw and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by ourselves, it’s applicable to all types of automation equipment due to its features of easy installation, small size, high-precision and various specifications.

    1. Complete selection of modules and accessories for most applications.
    (1) Driven Type: ballscrew, toothed belt
    (2) AC motor output: 30W~750W servo motor or step motor
    (3) Motor connection type (depends on available space): direct, bottom, internal, left, right
    (4) Max stroke: 100mm~2000mm
    2. Easy installation and maintenance.
    3. Customized designs available for different applications.
    4. Easy transformation into a multi-axis robot.

    KA single axis robots can be used in a wide range of applications. The following are examples of applicable systems: Automatic soldering system, screw feeding machine, adhesive laminating machine, CCD lens shifting, automatic paint spray machine, cutting machine, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, assembly equipment, press machine, spot welding machine, surface processing automation, self adhesive labeling machine, packaging machine, marking press machine, conveying equipment, and more.

    System Components
    Industrial Robot components include a motor, drive, and upper controller.  Our customers may choose from HIWIN's selection of excellent servo motors, stepping motors, and drives.

    Precision includes accuracy and precision, described as follows:
    1. Positioning accuracy
    The maximum difference (absolute value) between final actual arrival distance and the reaching distance of original setting.
    2. Reproducibility of round-trip position (precision)
    The maximum difference in the whole stroke -- the positioning difference value measured at a setting position during the round-trip moving process of the IR slider.
    3. Running parallelism
    (1) The parallelism between IR module platform plane and module installation plane.  Position the scale at the center of the slider, and then put the pointer on the installation plane; finally take the maximum difference value measured in the full stroke as the result.
    (2) The parallelism between IR module slider and module installation plane. Position the scale at the center of the slider, and then put the pointer over the installation plane on the side of the module; finally take the maximum difference value measured in the full stroke as the result.

    Service Life
    For installation of horizontal, side, sloping (less than 30 degree), the service life of  IR is depended on GW; as for installation of vertical, sloping (over 30 degree), the service life of IR is depended on BW or fixed bearing (which is shorter).
    Listed dynamic load (Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz) is according to service life of 10,000 Km of module stroke. If load is less than listed loading condition (Fy/Fyd + Fz/Fzd + Mx/Mxd + My/Myd + Mz/Mzd )≦1), the service life could be extended. On the contrary, if load is over the listed volume, the service life will less than 10,000 Km. In order to ensure long term use of IR, we suggest customers to use within the listed loading range as far as possible.

    The parts of IR module, which need to be maintained, are including BS, GW and related accessories.  After every 3 months or 100 Km distance it is necessary to add the grease for BS and GW, and check is there any dust or scrap in the system.  If the grease becomes colored, please replace the grease.  If you have any special question for maintenance, please contact with HIWIN.

    HIWIN Industrial Robot - KE Series
    1. Compact and lightweight
    2. Easy system installation and maintenance.
    3. MG is made of stainless steel for anti-corrosion purpose.
    4. Closed design.
    5. High accuracy, High efficiency, High reliability

    1. Precision Industry & Semiconductor
    2. Inspection & Testing & Assembly equipment
    3. Optical & Medical high positional equipment