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    HIWIN Delta Robot


    • Type:Other
    • RD:RD Series

    Key Features

    HIWIN Delta Robot can be used in many industries such as food, medical, electric, paper, textile, semi-conductor and solar energy, applications include precise pick and place, packaging, alignment, assembly and sorting. With dynamic tracking system and image processing system, HIWIN Delta Robot not only can identify multiple work-piece on the conveyor by intelligent video sensor, but also feedback the location of work-piece to multiple robots to do dynamic tracking in collaborative operations.

    Compared with other competitors, HIWIN has cost advantage due to vertical integration of key components and technologies. Additionally, HIWIN provides plentiful automation experiences to customers, HIWIN Delta Robot can be customized according to required motion range and production line arrangement, which makes HIWIN Delta Robot more competitive in the targeted market.

    1. High speed, high accuracy and fastest cycle time
    2. HIWIN Delta Robot performs stable and high speed motion, with accuracy and fastest cycle time by utilizing home-made servo motors and other related key components, which has an advantage on cost compared with other competitors.
    3. Customized motion range
    4. HIWIN Delta Robot motion range can be customized to fit production line set up, changes of the original production line is not needed, achieving high speed and efficient production line configuration.
    5. Software and hardware
    6. Both the hardware and software of the HIWIN Delta Robot are developed by our own R&D team. For mechanical parts, home-made key components are used; for software, we developed a user-friendly human-machine interface for customers, with instinctive operation and programming. HIWIN has huge advantage in the market due to the development of these key technologies.


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